T-Shirt Digital Printing Machines

T-Shirt Digital Printing

TEXJET is the most reliable, high quality direct to garment printing system in the market. There are hundrends of printers installed worldwide in printing houses, t-shirt retail shops, garment manufacturers etc.  TEXJET has been specially designed for direct printing on garments, white, coloured and dark ones using textile inks that produce vivid prints with excellent washability.

The last generation TEXJET v.2010 includes the “frame” table which holds down the t-shirt without the need of using ashesive spray, and the new TexjetRIP software which offers automatic creation of the white mask, cost calculator and many more.

Temel Teknik Özellikleri

  • Printing size 42×60 cm (16.5″x23.6″)
  • Printing speed up to 60 white T-Shirts per hour, up to 20 dark T-Shirts per hour
  • Resolution max 2880x1440dpi
  • Head height up to 2,5cm (1 inch) automatically adjusted
  • Textile pigment inks with excellent washability, performance in the print head and vivid colours
  • Low printing cost
  • Easy to use / One button operation
  • No special trained personell required
  • TEXJET is using Epson 4880 as printing engine, and can achieve printing resolution as high as 2880x1440dpi.
  • Variable drop size can control the colour density required. Big drop only can be also selected for higher density of white ink or for faster printing on white t-shirts.
  • Printing on dark t-shirts is done with 1 pass white and 1 pass colours
  • Automatic height adjustment using accurate optical sensor guarantees the optimum distance between the t-shirt and the print head and enables bi-directional printing.
  • Brilliant colours with excellent washability
  • Soft “hand” of the prints that can be applied also on elastic fabrics
  • High quality inks that do not clog the print heads


  • Precision and repeatability is guaranteed when printing on dark t-shirts.
    The 4 wheel rail system which moves the t-shirt table is made for heavy duty, offering reliability in the long term.
  • The TEXJET mainboard controls the movements and interfaces with the printer

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